Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photoshop + Vintage cookbooks = too much fun!

Oh Boy. Look out. I’m new to Photoshop (Elements, not the full version) but today I finally learned to isolate objects in a photo, something I’ve been struggling with for a while (for such a large and complex program it’s incredible how little information is provided to learn the damn thing!).


One small step for Photoshop…


One giant step for all the unfortunate projects that will now get prime examples of bad food photography slapped all over them.


I’m starting off simple of course. I need to practice my “magnetic lasso” skills!


I’m working on a grocery list pad as we speak, the note-pad glue just begging to be used.

Of course I won’t neglect all the pretty food, not everyone is fond of terrible food photos like I am! But if you are one of those people, here is a Flickr photo set on awful food. More than one of them is mine :O

Now stand back while I sharpen my digital Exacto!