Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mean, clean, sewing machine

I haven’t sewn anything new since December. I was on voluntary hold until I completed my taxes and now I’m free!

Back in November I was quite frustrated with my skillet mitt production. They are one of my best sellers but a real bear to make. I was always breaking needles and having thread issues. During my self-imposed banishment from the sewing room I decided to have my machine tuned and cleaned.

It was so bad he actually sent pictures. Got lint?




Wow. He said it was one of those machines who’s compartments virtually pop off because they are so packed with fuzz. I’m a baad girl.

To fix the needle problem I researched a bit and decided to try some heavy duty needles. It’s difficult to penetrate the very dense binding but they don’t even bend!

A few hours later…


Hooray! Back in the skillet mitt business! All of these little lovelies should be in the shop within a few hours.