Thursday, May 31, 2012

We've moved!

I don't know why I say "we". It's just little ol' me.

Regardless, I have finally moved to my own domain! I've had it for years, just gathering dust but it's now finally live! I will leave this blog up for a while but will not be posting here any longer.

Come on over to the new home of Home Deconomics!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Take the Transition Challenge!

Have you heard of Transition US? It's an amazing grass roots organization helping communities find and create ways to lessen their dependency on petroleum. And it takes many, many shapes and forms, big and small, public and private, from re-skilling fairs to bike tuning workshops to city wide solar installations.  I'll bet you anything there is an already formed group near you!

I had been wanting to connect with others who were in the same place as me, as far as improving our lifestyle, and knew our town was full of these folks. But how to find them? Then someone told me about Transition and that we had a local chapter. Oh joy! I have just begun getting involved with our chapter (Transition Fidalgo and Friends) and am very excited to have them team up with our Farmers' Market (where I am a vendor/volunteer) and present workshops all season!

I am also taking part in the Transition Challenge!

"Join the thousands of people taking the Transition Challenge this May. There are any number of actions you can take to improve the place where you live while at the same time showing support for local businesses & efforts, educating & raising awareness, building community and empowering youth.
Pick up your shovels and tools. Help construct rainwater harvesting systems. Install solar panels. Make energy efficiency improvements, and share garden know-how with their friends and neighbors. Have a potluck!

This is an opportunity to promote and increase participation in city and county programs for lawn removal, greywater and healthy food while creating innovative demonstration gardens in communities ranging from front yards to apartment patios, city landscapes, schools, churches, organizations and businesses."

We are putting in a rain barrel system and planting for fruit! You can even see our initiative under "Growing Paynes" on the map in NW WA.

Join us!  Do something small or dream up something big! Share it with everyone and watch how everyone progresses!

Are you already part of a Transition group? Tell us where!

Did you take the plunge and register a project? Please share it!

Let's do something really swell, shall we?