Friday, March 20, 2009

Dough Pucks, or, English Muffins


Total failure.

They were supposed to be sourdough English Muffins. While they are in a cute muffin shape, they were dense, doughy and tasteless.

Since there were multiple steps to the recipe I could have gone wrong on several fronts but I suspect my starter was bad. I had a starter going for a few weeks but it was a new recipe, and was in and out of the fridge. I was never quite sure about it.

Then the starter goes into a batter, which sits over night. Could have gone wrong there too. Then the batter went into a dough (which didn’t rise at all). Then cooked on the stovetop. My stove is quite hot and though I thought I compensated, they were still doughy in the centers.

So I did some research and found several excellent sourdough resources and will start again. This time I’m going to try a wild starter (no yeast added, just natural airborne yeasts) and see what happens!

Meanwhile, these ones were great fun to throw!