Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blog Features and the Color Green

It doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow but I felt the need to begin today on the 1st. The Shining Egg does color week, where all the participants post photos each day featuring the selected color. Last week was yellow, when I first learned if it, this week is green.


It’s sort of a cheat because it’s an older pic I took but who cares!

I’d like to do more regular blog features like this and I know there are many; Shadow Shot day, Self-Portrait day, Wordless Wednesday, Show and Tell Fridays etc.

Which ones do you participate in? Which are your favorites to read? Do you (as a blogger or a reader) prefer the picture based ones or some text to chew on? Group based shared activities or solo projects?

Tell me about any fun features you’ve seen, hosted, read or heard about. Give me links! Short once weeklies or year long, I want to hear about them!