Friday, February 13, 2009

Hooray for Crochet

I found a pile of craft booklets at a Goodwill for only a few bucks, mostly knit and crochet. Ranging from the mid 50’s to the 80’s there are some real gems in here. So I decided it was time to learn to Crochet. My mother has crocheted for years so I had her give me a lesson last week. What do you think?


I am so ready for the big time. Don’t even try and stop me. Just because I gave up on knitting after 4 scarves doesn’t mean I don’t have stick-to-it-ivness. Yesterday, potholder. Tomorrow….


(Shhhh! I know that one’s a knit but don’t destroy a dream, ok?)

What really inspired me was some beautiful lace, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself or anything. So perhaps the guest bath could use a little fixing up with this ensemble…


Hey! I’ll wear my new sweater in there! Matchy-matchy!

But in all seriousness *cough* I love this bedspread. I mean where else would you be able to pile up those pillows! Sometimes I wish my house was a little more girly. I have no place to pile up ridiculous and unnecessary pillows. Poor me.


But if I did make that bed set I’d have to make this to match.


Suddenly I’m craving Rainbow Sherbet…

But for reals I do plan on learning crochet. My mother, my aunt and I are planning a week at the beach (the rainy, cold Pacific NW type beach, not the fun in the sun type beach) and I’m demanding another lesson. Perhaps I’ll even come home with that Swan toilet tissue cozie!