Monday, February 16, 2009

Creative Living with Reynolds Wrap


This is one of my favorite possessions. It is the oddest, most redundant book ever. A full 128 page book on uses for aluminum foil. I mean really, can’t that be summed up in, say, a 8 page booklet? A few succinct sentences?


Apparently not.


Thank goodness for this book because I never would have thought of lining a tray with foil. These guys are seriously on the bleeding edge here.


OooOOo, a foil placemat! How….utterly inventive!  And what in the hell is on those peas?? The book is not only divided into sections of the house but also months of the year.


It truly boggles the mind why someone thought that the single topic of this book – wrap EVERYTHING in aluminum foil - needed 128 pages and full color illustrations.


This (above) is the crap we get for January and February. February’s decorations include the “Lincoln Log” on the far right (wft??), Presidential Portraits, Valentine Punchbowl (by lining any pot or pan with foil), the Cupid Mobile and, for Washington’s birthday, a “cherry tree”. Riiiiight.


I would really like to see someone wear a foil Easter bonnet.

“Spring is here, and aluminum foil is ready and waiting to help you make it memorable”. I can’t tell you how humorous I find that statement.

By the tone of this book you’d think aluminum foil was the duct tape of 1968. If you can’t foil it, f@ck it!

Hey, if you ever need ideas for what you get your parents for their Silver anniversary email me. I’ll look it up.