Thursday, February 26, 2009

German Home Cooking

Sorry to disappoint all those waiting for the second installment of crepe paper that never came. For some reason I decided that completing my taxes (I was behind by a couple years) was more important lol. But I have finished! Yay! And I owe a lot. Boo.

Making fun of food always perks me up so I thought I’d share more from the lovely book that brought you Pork Paperweights.


The delightful German Home Cooking by Dr. Oetker (1963). And for you, my special readers, the Special Issue for English Speaking Countries!  The photographs in this book are actually very nicely done, it’s just some of the food isn’t that appealing (that pork again).


Is this a feat in food engineering or what? Every olive and carrot in place. But how do you serve the thing? Surely that towering mass isn’t for one?


I love the slightly drunk-looking Sputnik display up there. I’ve never seen baby corn as a speared hors d’oeuvres before. Oh you clever Dr. Oetker! The cake in the foreground is a savory concoction of ham and onions topped with rye bread and cream cheese. Too bad, it looked so much more appetizing when I thought it was cheese cake.


I adore this! Look at the adorable platter! How sweetly garnished! Look at the little egg and tomato toadstools at the bottom! Complete with little spots. Great photo and the food actually looks delicious! Thumbs up Dr. Oetker.


This looks pleasing as well. Except the glasses are filled with a sort of gelatin drink. But the Orange Cream looks wonderfully refreshing and notice how carefully the orange slice was peeled and nestled into the whipped cream. Mmmm. But wait, here’s an even better dessert…


Well that wasn’t so bad! I don’t know if I’m disappointed or relieved but nevertheless, I always have plenty of regrettable food photos up my sleeve for another day.

Ta ta!