Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So-so Jell-o

I have learned that I make the best looking creations when they are not to be eaten. First, because it allows me to take risks with ingredients and flavor combinations and second, it allows you to take more pictures before the hungry people demand you quit playing with the food.

As I mentioned here, I had a request for some jello at a bbq. The problem was I returned from a trip late the previous night and had no time to buy ingredients. So I had to use what I had. Not even a limp celery stick or radish for a salad mold. SO sad.

I had to resort to regular, boring desserts, sigh. And I didn’t have time to play with and garnish them. They did taste pretty darn good I’ll admit, and a couple were even sugar-free.

The first, Orange-Mallow Ring (pg 23, Joys of Jell-O)


I never liked this shape mold so I was pleased with how nice it looked. Begs for more decoration! This is orange Jell-O with oranges and marshmallows. The marshmallows all floated to the top and refused to remain in jell-O stasis.

Next is the Cream-Topped Peaches (joys of Jell-O, page 45). NOT pretty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The first mistake I made here was letting the second layer chill too long before pouring it over the cream cheese layer. It didn’t bond properly (poor jello) so when I turned it out the bottom came out but the cheese stayed in. Second mistake, not greasing the mold enough. In order to get the top layer out I had to warm the mold. Only for a few moments, but you can see what happens. Jell-O gets runny fast! I don’t recommend it.

If done properly this would look great doubled and poured into a giant mold! OooOOoo.

The third creation was my mother’s. Since she thought I was going to make one of the uglier, salad varieties she made a dessert one too. It’s a classic Bavarian and truthfully this was the tastiest one. But maybe that’s because I love lime!


It’s too bad this is a poor photo. I love that she chose a fish mold! Cold, slimy, glistening Jell-O fish! I looked around the kitchen for something to use as roe, like sprinkles or red-hots but alas, none were to be found.

This is another one that begs for more garnish. Done with plain Lime (not Bavarian-style) this would be perfect for that lime-shrimp salad! Fruits of the sea! Now we’re talking….

Yesterday I did finally get to go shopping and look what was waiting for me in the Jell-O aisle!


New flavors!  Blue Berry, Grape, Blackberry Fusion and Peach. And on sale after easter! One of my complaints is that many of the flavors in the Jell-O book are no longer available, mainly the blends, like orange-pineapple (sounds yummy!). The variety in my area is pretty boring, just the basics. I could have used the peach in my recipe!

I can’t wait to make something with the blue! I could do a red, white and blue concoction but that is too safe. I want something hideous after the rather disappointing results of this last batch.

But I get carried away. That is for another day. I promise to make one of the uglies soon because i didn’t quite get my fix yet.

Until then, keep jellin’.