Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Oh what a beautiful day! I can’t believe the sun finally came out! Yesterday was a delicious 70 degrees and a clear blue sky. I think everyone in the northwest was outside yesterday soaking it up.

I don’t have a lot to share but I am one of those people who’s moods are very dependent on the weather. Now that the sun is out I am energetic and buoyant and am just feeling chatty!

I set up my canopy for the first time this year. When the weather is this nice it turns into my outdoor office. I even move my sewing machine out there.

Unfortunately, the large tree in the backyard was being trimmed at the same time so I listened to chainsaw and chippers for 5 hours. But now it’s done and I have even more sun!

I actually came on to post about the news I got this morning – I got accepted in to our Farmer’s Market. The market is my solution to budgeting my show costs. I had high hopes for entering more shows than ever this year but with the economy down I was nervous about putting out the kind of cash it takes for those shows.

Thinking about the market lit a fire under me to diversify more quickly. I’m adding more products at a lower price point and have several up-cycled projects planned as well. I’m hoping to also use the market as a place to try out those new items and get feedback.

I have some time still, our market doesn’t begin until mid May, and I’m glad because I realized something else – this will be my first time vending outside! Up until now I’ve always done indoor shows. Selling outside all summer will present some new challenges but since the market is an informal setting I’m not too nervous about it. It’s be a great way to test drive my booth (note to self…need to make heavier tent weights)!

I know a few of you are doing your local markets too. How are they going so far? Is this your first time or are you a veteran? Please share!