Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Gift of Jell-O

I have actually had a request to make one of my 1950s jello experiments for a barbeque this weekend.  For real. To eat. It just so happens that I have some acquaintances who love Jell-O desserts and some of the more bizarre gelatins (like lime jello with shrimp).

Oh Joy! What to choose?

Here is one version of the Lime/Shrimp salad (top salad)


I’m dying to make one of these Chef Salad molds because they are easy and have a good Wow factor.


These bit-sized little gems are adorable but might be too labor intensive. Aren’t they cute?


Another one with a nice presentation.


I do know I will NOT be making one of these;

The green, gelatin glazed glob is a ham. *shudder*


The formerly blogged about Pork “paper weights”


Don’t know…don’t want to know.