Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You've come a long way, Baby

I was tidying up my photo files, putting pics where they belong when I opened up the “Beta aprons” file. This is where I stash pictures of test aprons or really old designs that I’ve discontinued. Oh, the embarrassment! I actually sold these things to the public. Well, tried.

I couldn’t even show you the really bad ones. It’d destroy my reputation as the Head Bitch in Charge. It’s not even the aprons that were bad but the photos! Ach!

But first, here is where it all began…before the birth of HBIC. I was working on a degree in Fine Arts and ruining all my clothes in the process. Charcoal, matte medium, sumi ink…I quickly began wearing an apron. A really ugly boring one. Well, I thought, I’m supposed to be an artist…create one! So I did. This one.

A typical BBQ style but I still have it and use it. Reversible too! Then I started making myself kitchen aprons and it went on from there. First with half aprons (this poor thing has no shape, just a big, gathered rectangle!)…

…Then full length. This poor little lady looks like a Cyclops! This was the beginning of my signature shape though.

The sweetheart top came later, as well as reversibility, adjustable neck strap and larger pocket. Arriving at this. The first one that I felt was really retail worthy. And it was! This was my best seller for about a year until the fabric was discontinued.

I’ve continued tweaking the design a bit and added more products and having great fun! I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come and it’s always fun to think “If I like it now think of how much better I’ll be a year from now!”

(Wow, it's amazing how that whole post felt like showing my 80s prom pictures to everyone!)