Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rummage Sale Joy!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and also the town rummage sale, Shipwreck Day. 11 blocks of fun and junk! I’m not normally a bargain shopper or yard saler, even though I wish I were. My sister-in-law came up for a visit and we hit the pavement together. We had a great time! I knew what I was looking for and I found some treasures: A Thermos brand aluminum luchbox, a pile of embroidery hoops, 3 serving/casserole dishes, 2 wood spoons (.10 each and I love spoons!), 2 1950's cookbooks, an assorment of mini Jell-O brand molds, a set of drink markers, a 1940's banking ledger and paystubs (not shown).

I got all this loveliness for about $45 which may not be a huge bargain but I’m not much of a haggler. My favorites are the embroidery hoops (I have a specific project in mind) and these awesome drink markers.

I was feeling very inspired by the mini Jell-O molds so I cracked open the cookbooks and found a great pineapple gelatin mold that in turn inspired a pineapple themed bbq. We had Pina Coladas, shish kebabs (with pineapple of course!) and the pineapple dessert. The dessert was delicious but didn’t set right so we just ate it out of the molds like a bowl!

We finished off the day by lighting a fire in the chimnea and talked about old times.

All in all a fantastic day!