Friday, July 18, 2008

Putting on the finishing touches

I've been preparing my home for a big 50's wing-ding, including re-painting my dining room mint green (above) and reupholstering the chairs in my favorite bark cloth. Between party planning and writing posts about my passion for all things fun and 50's the two have almost become one. I plan to trot out all my favorite decor and knick-knacks and create a few new things as well and probably share it all here. It's like creating a giant craft fair display!

Perhaps some of my decorations will find their way in to my HBIC line of home decor! One thing that will definitely not become part of my regular repertoire is the authentic, lard filled, artery clogging food! I'm dying to cook the recipes but I'm rather afraid to eat them!

Peanut butter and bacon?? Seriously? And the check marks are not mine. I see a table full of devilled eggs, fondue, jello molds, aspic, punch, shishkebabs etc. It'll look great anyway!