Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bunting/Banner tutorial - fused fabric version

I really love the oilcloth banners I’ve been seeing around but I don’t have my oilcloth yet. What I do have a lot of is fabric and fusible interfacing.

So here is my take on festive party bunting, HBIC style.

Materials, per 9’ length:
4 fat quarters in bright and cheerful colors/patterns
Steam-a-Seam 2, 18”x40” (one piece. I had already cut it in half for the picture below)
1 package bias binding, Extra-wide double fold
optional : snaps or other closures for connecting 2 or more lengths

Fusing the fabrics
Cut the interfacing in half so you have two 18x20 pieces.
Make your fabric sandwich by laying down one fat quarter, face down.
Peel off backing from one side of interfacing and smooth it down over fabric. Carefully peel off second backing. Lay the other fat quarter on top, face up. Trim off any bits off interfacing that stick out or else it’ll stick to the iron and ironing board.

Now the stinky part. With the iron on the highest setting, press your sandwich until it is completely fused. This will take a while as it takes at least 15 seconds to melt it (please check the directions on the interfacing roll if you use a different brand!). Do not slide the iron or you may create permanent wrinkles. Repeat for the second sandwich.

Cut your triangles
The edges don’t need to be neat as they will be hidden inside the binding later. These directions are for 6”x10” triangles, giving you the least amount of waste. Cut your sandwiches in half, giving you two 18”x10” sections. You can make a paper template first (below) or just measure and cut (next photo).
Along the top of each rectangle measure and mark every 6 inches. Along the bottom make your first mark at 3” and the rest at 6”, giving you something like this…

Don’t throw away the scraps! We can use those too.

Attaching to binding
Lay out your bias binding and arrange pennants in desired order, spacing evenly ( I eye-balled mine).
Tuck tops inside binding and pin. If you like, flip it over to see that you like the reverse side too. Sew the binding closed. The binding is stretchy so I recommend a zigzag stitch.

Viola! Step back and admire your work!

Optional: If you make several lengths use snaps or buttons to connect them.

*Scraps* Cut mini triangles out of the scraps and thread them onto bamboo skewers to make mini pennants! Give them to the kids (minus the sharp end) or poke them into flower pots.

Party Time!