Thursday, July 24, 2008

So one garnish says to another...

As I posted previously I’m planning a major retro shindig (late September-ish it looks like) As I’m reading through my 1950’s cookbooks I’m getting the feeling I might need to try some of this hideous sounding stuff out to make sure it’s actually edible. It’s going to LOOK fantastic but I want it to get eaten too! So today I made a cursory list of a few ingredients to pick up and thought I’d play guinea pig on myself.

Along the way I picked up a 1960 edition of The Joy of Cooking. I got very inspired by the fabulous garnish section and started playing with a few veggies. I failed miserably. I just don’t have the proper tools or very sharp knives. So tomorrow I’ll hit the local gourmet kitchen shop and see what sort of neat gizmos and gadgets they have.

The one thing that did turn out well was the curling!

This is the end of a green onion and a celery stalk. Cut very narrow, thin slices in the ends and let sit in ice water. They had so much personality I had to pose them. Don’t they look like octopi ? I don’t think the onion likes the celery so much. Maybe it’s the lack of eyes…

I really like the celery tree/octopus.

Recipes to try out are:

Avocado Canape (glorified guacamole)

Cheese and Salmon Canape

Apple- Celery Kabobs

Stuffed Black Olives

Egg-Cucumber Canape

Stuffed Celery or Endive

Tune in tomorrow to see the results. Wish me luck!