Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I’m one of those lucky ones who developed adult onset allergies and this year has been the worst. I’ve sneezed more over the last 3 days than I have all year to date. I’m not kidding. My nose is raw and peeling, and my lips are chapped and cracking (having to sleep slack-jawed in order to breath. Sexy!). The meds that work make me so dizzy I can’t walk or function or they don’t work at all.

I was getting ready to sneeze for the bazillionth time and was shaking out a tissue from my pocket (my pockets are bulging with them) and noticed all the tissue dust emanating from it. Gasp! Could it be I was allergic to the tissue itself?? I felt so clever! Then, gasp!, I remembered my little handkerchief collection.

Sadly, converting to cotton hankies didn’t alleviate any symptoms and they were actually pretty rough on my poor nose but I felt like such a lady! I think the white ones with lacey edges were actually my grandmother’s. My mother may have added the pink and maybe yellow edging.

Now I’m going to keep one in each handbag so I at least have a beautiful emergency hanky.

Just look at the detail. The flowers are hand appliqued!