Sunday, June 7, 2009

What’s in a name

I stuck to my guns as long as possible. But I think the time has come for the Head Bitch in Charge to take a back seat and let a name with broader appeal come forward.

While HBIC has had the desired effect and fan base I intended, my product line has evolved and diversified. It’s not as “bitchy” as it used to be. I intend to keep HBIC as a line within the product family, so it’s not going anywhere, I’m just moving the soap box to the side a bit.

Luckily I still have my list of potential business names from the first time around. I need your help and input! I’ll throw them all out there because some of the ones I didn’t like my family loved, so I need opinions on them all.

Keeping in mind that I make colorful and cheerful retro-1950’s kitchen and home decor, the candidates are:

Home Deconomics

Ginger Snap

Black Cherry

Red Licorice

Come and Get It!

Rhubarb Pie

Vote for your favorite and tell me why. What name do you not like and why? Give me any opinions and feedback you like. Suggestions too, if you have any!