Friday, June 19, 2009


Ah, summer! I am truly a solar powered gal. When the sun is out and shining I am up and at ‘em, full of energy and motivation. When it’s cloudy and grey I’m dragging my feet and procrastinate. Needless to say I love the long summer days!

Here in the northwest we get a lot of those grey days but when summer rolls around the long 16 hour days make it worth the wait! Alas, things just start getting warmed up when solstice arrives (this sunday) and the days get shorter again.

I am greatly looking forward to this summer. This year I am doing the Farmer’s Market, which I adore. I get to travel with my sweetie and see the country. I live on the water (surrounded by it, in fact) and get to admire it’s beauty every day. Summer means more parties and gatherings, sandals and skirts, eating outside, whether on out own deck or the local pub’s. Swimming, hiking, gardening, walks on the beach. Cheese burgers, cold beer and lemonade. Arts and Crafts festivals, flower festivals, boat festivals and farmers markets.

Summer is a grand celebration and we’re all invited!