Wednesday, January 21, 2009

...Wait, weren't you already married?

No, but we are now!

My sweetie and I have been together for 9 years but never married. I suppose I'm just about the only woman who never dreamed of a big wedding and doodled my future married name on every surface when younger.

My sweetie travels a great deal for work and once in a while I like to go with him to see some of the country and just because I otherwise wouldn't see a whole lot of him! This trip took us through WA, OR, CA and NV. About 8 hours outside of Las Vegas I decided I was ready to tie the knot and Sweetie was game too!

We called up a friend who lives in Vegas and recruited him as witness and driver (he found us the adorable Little Chapel of the West) and bang! Married!
So I had to laugh when I got home and saw the pile of vintage books near my computer, waiting to be scanned. On the top of the pile....

Appropriate, no?

Circa 1946 this book is old-fashioned to say the least. My favorite part is the extensive 8 page compatibility survey in the back. Each answer rates you points, the more points the more likely the compatibility. It was too long and out of date to be fun to fill out for myself but some of the more interesting questions include:

*Age at which you stopped going to Sunday school
*Number of "steady" relationships before meeting your spouse
*Number of social organizations you belong to
*Are parents of superior or reputable status in community
*Under 'marital status of parents' you receive the highest score if your mother is dead!
*Big points for growing up in the country but now living in the suburbs

We celebrated our 2 week anniversary yesterday :D