Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 never smelled so good!

I'm back from my unintentional blogging hiatus and ready to renew and redirect my blogging efforts. Part of this will be getting back to the basics of running a home, now and 1950's style! I have a wonderful resource at my fingertips with a great collection of vintage home, cooking and etiquette books that I hope to share with you!

But for now I'll leave you with a taste of one of my resolutions. Bread making! I love making bread but do it seldom enough that it still holds a lot of mystery for me. It really is such a magical process. And my most favorite scent in the whole world...fresh baked yeasty bread!

This week I tried Sourdough for the first time. I made my started and watched it over several days like a kid watches a fishbowl. Finally it was time to play with it. I love my Kitchen Aid for kneading, especially since I don't have a proper spot in my kitchen to do it by hand.

I loved watching it rise. Both times! I've never made a round loaf before and purely enjoyed shaping that wonderful dough into the right shape.

I've known for a while that my oven is a little on the hot side but didn't account for it well enough, thus the loaf is a little darker than I like. But the die for! And while it wasn't nearly as sour as I'd hoped (new starter already a-bubbling!) it made for an excellent artisan bread. Yay! Isn't it perdy!
How many of you make your own bread? What's your favorite?