Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two day, two towns, a lot of thrifting

I spent the last couple days at my mother's and we had some fun!

I have finally discovered the joys of thrifting. Used bookstores, thrift shops, yard and rummage sales, oh joy! It's been a two-fold process actually. First I just shopped around for cookbooks and jello molds. Second, it's been about getting interested with my mother in preserving and stockpiling our pantries.

Along with my goofy finds like the ones pictured here, we are collecting books on canning/preserving, drying, vegetable gardens and any other book on preparedness and self-sufficiency, making as much home-made as possible. Also tins, jars and Tupperware for pantry storage (I'll get more into this in another post). Vintage or newer, as long as it's in good, food-safe condition.

Along with my sharing my retro finds I also hope to share some valuable information from these other books. Knowing how to make a good gelatin mold may not be a valuable skill but knowing how to make your own cleansers is. Getting back to basics is a good thing. Gelatin, not so much.