Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cluttered Space, Cluttered Mind

People are always asking to see artists and crafters work spaces. I'm one of them too. I love to see the magic behind the scenes and the inspiring spaces different artists work in. It also says a lot about a person. The eyes are windows to the soul and the studio is the window into the personality of the artist.

I was thinking about this last night as I surveyed the mess I made of the house. My sweetie is out of town a lot and I generally make a bigger mess while he's away since it's just me in the house. This time I truly let it get out of hand. I have a show coming up at the end of the month and I usually get panicky as the date draws near as I try to complete all that needs to be done.

But how could anyone think straight with all this mess!? I mean really, do you think this might have just a little effect on my time management problems? Even I don't know how I can work like this. Every room is a mess; my studio, my "show room", the dining table (and chairs) and even the coffee table are a mess.

My sweetie is coming home tonight so most of the mess will be gone but not organised. It will just end up a pile in my sewing room and I will panic every time I can't find something and have to dig through the mess again. Our house is always generally a little cluttered but this is mayhem! I can't think! I look at it, get overwhelmed, and pick an uncluttered room to go work in, cluttering it in the process.
I think about this last night and I don't like what it says about me. I am not a slob but I am very disorganized and a great procrastinator. I don't like what this mess says about me as a craftsperson or a business person. I used to think that my mess was a reflection of how stressed I was getting but I'm realizing it's the other way around. It's the mess and disorganization that's most of the problem and by cleaning and organizing the physical clutter the metal clutter should clear a little too.

I know this seems a bit obvious and everyone knows that you can't work properly in a dump but I couldn't see the forest through the piles! So I'm taking a stand! I need a slogan, like "The key to success is cleanliness!" I vow to clean up my toys when I'm done like a good girl and not start another project until I've finished with the first one. I vow one day we will actually eat at the dining table!
Who's with me! Who else needs to conquer the clutter?