Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Carnival - Scary Recipes

I didn't plan it this way. I couldn't decide - something spooky (wonderful foggy morning with dewy cobwebs) or something delicious (hot apple cider toddy with a pear cobbler).

But I knew the moment I saw these recipes I had to use them for my carnival entry. For BOTH topics. I mean seriously, would you eat any of this? I know my grandmother probably did (these are from the 1950's) but there's no way you'll get it near me!

Kidneys are kinda yucky. Devilled Kidneys are REALLY yucky.

"Prepare brains the usual way"...?

I cut the recipe short but I think you get the idea. "Remove skin, cartilage and small bones..." *shudder*

No thanks!

Tongue AND calf's foot. What a treat!

Hungry anyone?