Thursday, September 25, 2008

You're a Star! Joey & Aleethea

I belong to a wonderful group called EtsyBloggers. As the name implies, we are all bloggers who have Etsy shops. It's by far the most friendly and active team I have been part of! If you have a shop on Etsy and have a blog (or need help getting one started) come join us!

My purpose today is not to recruit but to brag a bit about one of our members, none other than our Team leader Sandra, aka Joey & Aleethea. Ever ebullient and always helpful, I don't know where she gets the energy to run her blog, an Etsy shop, maintain a Flickr site, pretty much run our Team blog and keep up with two children! Can you tell me the secret please!

The Joey & Aleethea blog (where the tag line is "We're all about family and fabric, love and laughter, and handmade super coolness. That's how we rock.") is full of the latest Etsy news, photos of her latest adorable creations, cool kid stuff and, of course, oodles of cuteness from her family.

I swear she's putting these kids to work already because how else can one mom do all this and maintain a shop with over 200 items!? I mean, really. How is this possible. I don't have any kids and I can't seem get more than 75 items in mine. And look at this! How adorable is this?

The HBIC loves me some rockets!

I love a man who can wear a tie and look comfortable. Even if he might still be in diapers and drool a little.
If all this doesn't inspire you (or exhaust you just thinking about it all!) there's more! Go back to her blog and read up on the other 7 teams she's a part of (yes, that's a total of 8 street teams) a Myspace page and yet more!
Maybe some of that energy will rub off on you :)