Monday, September 29, 2008

The Fifties Fete - Finally!

After much planning and a few delays, we finally had our big 50's party. We wanted to have an end-of-summer party and decided to combine it with my sweetie's birthday and a local festival, so everyone was in a festive mood!

Unfortunately, once folks started arriving I forgot about my camera. So think of this as the quiet before the storm. I hope someone got a snap-shot of my outfit because it really was fantabulous!

Getting the Lemon Meringue recipe just right...

The tower of salami...

And my crowning achievement, the Sputnik-inspired Apple, Celery and Cheese kebabs. Too bad no one ate it. They didn't want to ruin the display!

A quiet sitting area away from the party...

We later grilled sliders (mini-burgers) and hot dogs, ate cheese and chocolate fondue, hula hooped, I brought out more canapes (shrimp and avocado), and made s'mores. I forgot about the gelatin desserts chilling in the down-stairs fridge (see my previous post for a pic) but we had so much food I didn't mind.

Some other folks dressed up too so we had quite a real-gone bash!