Monday, March 29, 2010

Craft Show and Tulip Festival

It’s tulip time again and if you’ve never been, now’s the time! The weather may be grey but the tulips and daffodils are popping open like mad and the fields are aglow with color. This weekend is also our “Something Different” craft show at the Rexville Grocery pavilion.

rexville flyer

It’s Easter weekend so pack up the family and take a drive through the Skagit Valley and see the gorgeous tulips and daffs then swing by the grocery for a snack or a sandwich and come browse the crafts. See Bev’s blog, Blue Collar Dog Treats for the whole scoop and lots of pictures! She has done an excellent job and you can even find pictures and bios of the crafters.


Alert Tulip Visitors! Tulips are early this year! The next two weeks will be prime viewing. Daffodils are left to wither on the stem so there but tulips are topped just after full bloom. Then there is no color left at all (this is done so all the plant’s energy is sent to the bulb. While there are plenty of cut tulips to be found, the tulips in the valley are grown for the bulb). So don’t put off your visit, come soon!