Friday, August 8, 2008

Packaging and perceived value

Oh happy day, my tins arrived!

I have been struggling with finding just the right package to bundle my apron sets in so I ordered a few options, and the first one arrived today! The tins are wonderful – perfect dimensions and plenty of room inside and a big window on top.

Now the quandaries begin and I need your help. How large do I make a set? One reversible apron, two dishtowels, two potholders and a skillet mitt? Or is one of each sufficient? What is the perceived value of a nicely packaged tin?

I’m thinking a little reverse calculation is in order. What is the most you would pay for a cute reversible apron, (1 or 2) thick, high quality dishtowel, (1 or 2) thick oven mitt/potholder and little skillet mitt?

$76 ?
$86 ?

The tin is about lunchbox size and can be re-used. There would be a sticker on the back detailing the contents (including a photo) and some sort of ribbon around it (you can see from the photos a variety of options I’m playing with). I would be selling these wholesale, at craft shows and on Etsy.

I need to find that balance between “oh my god that’s expensive for a little package” and “that’s a good price for all that stuff”!
What’s it to be, smaller set with a smaller price or bigger set with bigger price?

Think who it would be given to – Christmas and wedding gifts are most popular, as are hostess/housewarming, Mother’s Day, birthdays or for spoiling yourself!

If anyone has any suggestions, tips or admiration, let me have it! And I’m taking pre-orders!