Friday, August 15, 2008

McMenamins, here we come!

My family has an unhealthy attraction to the McMenamins hotels. In a few hours my sweetie and I, and another couple are heading to Portland for a long weekend of McMenamins exploration and fun! The properties are just amazing, they make their own beer and wine, food is great but it's the art work that really thrills me...

No surface is left bare. A flaw (fuse box) is turned into a work of art. Each property (the resorts, not the strip mall restaurants) is historic and they have painted the history all over the whole estate.

Our friends have never been to one (gasp!) and my sweetie and I were looking for an excuse to go back to Edgefield (the property where his brother got married) so here we go!

Tonight we stay at Edgefield, the McMenamins flagship. Saturday we stay at the Grand Lodge across town. There are many other awesome properties in town that we're hoping to check out too.

Well enough chatter, I have to pack! I'll be back with some amazing photos and details about the history of each place (and maybe a quart of their delicious Ruby Red ale!)